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We enjoyed out stay here at Summerland. Everything is very neat and tidy. It feels very "home like" here. We shall try to return someday. Sooner than later I hope.

Very relaxing, and very peaceful! Good for the mind and soul.

We thoroughly enjoyed your "perched" cabin. Cozy. Homey. Just the right size. Cooked here most of the time. Rented a canoe at Burke's and stopped by the cabin on the way down river. Dogs didn't want to go along... They did like apples and berries it turns out. The decks and hot tub make it tough leaving today...back to the rat race that is L.A.

I loved being on the river. I saw tiny fish and alls sorts of birds! And I really enjoyed relaxing in the hot tub!

The trees are absolutely gorgeous here and so fragrant. My husband and I enjoyed picking berries in the orchard. I loved all the birds. A fun house. Thanks!

Hello, we loved it here. The decorating - the beach- the river. It's great. So peaceful...would love to visit again. The trees - the berries. Thanks so much.

I wish we could stay forever. The river was my favorite thing and I wish it was my house. I like the close together trees and the hot tub.

 Very cozy cabin space. Thank you!

 Great place! Really enjoyed the time spent here! Definitely will return.

 Lovely cabin. Decorated beautifully.

 Great cottage! We enjoyed our stay very much!

 Wonderful place for a swim and a float.
Great location. Great wildlife. Great river!

House, decks, redwoods, blackberries, river - wonderful!


It was great to find everything that we expected. Very peaceful and relaxing. Would love to return.

Have never seen so many blackberries in one place - excellent. Ate them every day!

Second year here. Loved it!

We had such a great time! River, blackberries - charming!
3 years later. Our mom died in 2001. We came here as kids in the 1960's - loved the memories and always returned but only time we've stayed. Lovely, peaceful, very cool. River just as I remember. Thanks for letting us relive our memories.

We would cross the river in the evenings on our way to the dances at Rio Nido. I remember the River, the berries and the trees. And it's all still here. Thank you for a great time.

Thank you. We had a fantastic time. Our weekend went way too fast!!! River was too high for kayak but hot tub was warming.  

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